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how to send 10 digits ?

my E1 provider wants to see 10 digits from my be 3000, but saw only 4 which is my internal line number.

what should i do to send 10 digits???

sorry for my stupid question.

i'm new in phone tec)))


how to send 10 digits ?

Hi Evgeny,

It should not be 4 digits that are sent out of E1 Interface. It should atleast be office-code+subscriber number, which is typically more than 4 digit. For example in NANP, it is 7 digits. So I have some questions for you:

1) Which country is this deployment in?

2) Is it a local or a long distance call?

3) What number does the user dial?0

Generally, you can change number of digits that gets sent out on the E1 interface on PSTN Connection - S0/SU0-..,  Advanced Setting - Outbound call routing

You need to set it to Manual mode, click Edit and edit patterns in the new window that opens up.


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how to send 10 digits ?

1) Russia

2) Local call

3) I create that template for outbound call routing

my isp said that 1002 went from  E1 flow.

I can call different outside users (mobile phone or landline phone without any problems))


how to send 10 digits ?

According to the template above, called number should be 11 digits starting with 8. If that is not the case, please enable detailed traces, make a call and send that.


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how to send 10 digits ?

yep. it was a mistake but after changing to 10 result was the same. (SP see 4 digits number)

later i send you my diag file=))

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