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Huntstop or Busy trigger


in 99 out of 100 installations we configure the (standard desk-)phones to be busy at 1 call with no call-waiting. In CME and CUCM it's possible to change these settings per phone (CUCM: Busy trigger/Max calls or CME : Huntstop channel + no huntstop). When do we get an option like this in CCA or am I overlooking something ? I consider this a must-have basic usersetting.




Re: Huntstop or Busy trigger

The first button of a 7900 Series IP Phone can be configured as DUAL or OCTAL Line, and you will see this selection in CCA 2.2.6 under Configuration> Telephony> Voice> Users and Extensions.   (SPA500 phones cannot support OCTAL lines so you wont see this option, and that phone is default as DUAL line).

When CCA creates these ephone-dns, it pushes the CLI available in CME with one or the other:

UC_520(config)#ephone-dn 23 ?
  dual-line  dual-line DN (2 calls per line/button)
  octo-line  octo-line DN (8 calls per line/button)

Syntax Description


Unique number that identifies an ephone-dn during configuration tasks.  Range is 1 to the number set by the max-dn command.


(Optional) Enables two calls per directory number.


(Optional) Enables eight calls per directory number.

Because of the requirement of a voice mail box to be created & assigned to the first button of every phone user, it is a best practice to have the first line be a "Normal" extension button type (not shared line)

Having said that, you can assign a SHARED line appearance to multiple phones using button 2-x (where X is the max buttons available).  When a Shared DUAL line is used, it has this behavior you desire, where the second call will go to the Shared Voice Mail box (using hunt stop channel).

Because many end users want to utilize conferencing and do want call waiting, we use the DUAL Normal line, and we dont support SINGLE line in CCA 2.2.6.

I can check with the CCA team to see if SINGLE Line can be an option for partners like you who require it.


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Re: Huntstop or Busy trigger

Hi Steven,

Dual-line is fine because it allows transfer with consult. Single-line doesn't. What I want is that when someone is one the phone, the second caller gets a busy tone or gets routed accoring to the CFB settings.

Standard Dual-line allows a second call on the phone, giving a call-waiting signal to the phone-user. Most users find this annoying and if this phone is monitored using monitor buttons (instead of Watch of BLF-sd) it will not appear busy unless the second line is used.

On SPA500 phones (and 69xx series) the only option available is going to CLI and adding the "Huntstop channel" and "No Huntstop" commands to the ephone-dn. On the 7900 series you can also use Octal-lines and set the Busy Trigger setting to 1.

You refer to using confercing options. Don't know if leaving out some options are related to conferencing but my experience is that conferencing is rarely used overhere. We're getting more questions about it but most customers only have only a few employees who are in the position to have any use for it.



Re: Huntstop or Busy trigger

Ok, I think I understand and will follow up with the Engineering team.

Thank you.

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