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Ideas on combining a Key system and PBX?

Hey guys,

I have an installation with a mix of SIP trunk lines (1 per handset) and CO lines (x4) on a UC520 (16 user) with 7 SPA508G phones.  Our customer wants to have each of the lines labelled on the phones so that the operator of the phone can tell others at what number he can be reached.  My original plan was to map the 4 CO lines directly to the left four buttons (5-8) and label them with the CO line so they can read it directly off of the displays.  The top right button would be labelled with their extension, which also gives them access to the SIP trunk lines.

Here are my problems:

1. I have no way to label the Extension button as both the Extension and as the SIP trunk line that is associated with that phone.

     a. Any ideas on how to label these to make it easy for the operator to know what extension he is and what SIP line rings his phone?

2. If an operator simply goes off hook and begins to dial, he needs to dial "9" to access an outside SIP or CO line.  If the operator presses the button mapped to the CO line, he does not need to dial "9" to get out.  He can just dial the phone number.

     a. Any thoughts on how to make this simple so that every time the operator picks up, he needs to dial "9" to get out?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Ideas on combining a Key system and PBX?

Hi Seth,

I have been upgrading key sytems to PBX and VOIP for about 20 years and I can tell you that it is typically a lost cause to try to recreate a key system on a platform that is not designed to work that way.

I would try to teach the customer to use the new system to its fullest and the way it was designed to work.  In the example of a small, square system like you are describing I can suggest showing them the call park feature.  Maybe also show them how well call park works in combination with intercom and paging.

So, if they are used to saying, "Hey Sally, you have a call on line 2", now they can say, "Sally, you have a call on 101"  I can't think of any customer that ever rejected this solution.  Well, maybe some grumbling and moaning in the beginning from those that are resistant to change, but you can't do much about those types anyhow..

Good luck,


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Re: Ideas on combining a Key system and PBX?

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your ideas.  For my specific clientele and the fact that most of them will not be used to the system when they sit down, I need to find a way to label specific phone lines on the phone or next to the workstation to make it easier for them to operate the system.  When this location is manned, most of the DIDs (SIP and terrestrial) will be given out on the fly.  Therefore, I at least need a way to notate that.

One option that I have thought of would be to set aside a second button, perhaps under the Extension button, that would be a "normal" button and could be labelled with the SIP DID.  However, is there any way to program that specific button to add a "9" at the automatically so that the operator would not need to remember to dial "9" when selecting this line appearance vs when he selected the CO lines?



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