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Identifying and logging out of Blast Groups

I'm trying to sort something with a UC540 and SPA525G2 handsets.

We have a blast group that half the staff are in.

Don't want a hunt group - they are too slow to anwer - we like blast groups.

We want two things; firstly to be able to log out of the blast group. HLog doesn't work, as it isn't hunt group, and DND is a bit too full on.

Secondly we want a way to identify which calls are coming into that blast group as opposed to direct line or other hunt groups so they can be answered accordingly.

I've looked at using a seperate shared or overlay button for the blast group, which may be the only way - but it uses up valuable button real estate on the phone. And doesn't solve the log out issue.

Any suggestions as to how we can do this welcome!



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