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Inbound call routing with BRI on mediatrix 4402


I'm having a problem with incoming calls not routing. Outgoing calls test ok but i'd like to fix this before getting it to site!

I have followed the "deploying mediatrix 4400 digital gateways with UC320W" document, although i have a Lynksys X2000 as the router its exactly the same topology..

Calling the DDI from my mobile you can see activity on the 4402 but just get silence on the mobile end, On clearing down, the activity goes away as you would expect. I have tried a couple of scenarios where i have aimed all BRI calls at one extension, then tried adding the DDI  and routing to both a single extension and a hunt group to no avail. I have turned off all firewall on the X2000 (temporarily) and still nothing. I know it's going to be a tick in a box somewhere but i just can't find it.

All firmwares upgraded etc and if i have to watch another reboot i think i'll go nuts! (looking forward to that fix i can tell you!)

Many Thanks



Inbound call routing with BRI on mediatrix 4402

Hi Phil,

Sorry to hear about the problems.  If you go to Status -> Support Tools -> Logs and enable Logs for the BRI trunk configuration, do you see the SIP INVITE coming in on the inbound call?  


New Member

Inbound call routing with BRI on mediatrix 4402

Hi Chris,

Problem solved, it was the outside ip address of the UC320W that should have gone into the uplink box on the network interfaces tab on the Mediatrix Gateway. for all of my looking i just failed to see i'd put the inside address. I guess it will get easier the more of these i do!. Thanks for being there.


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