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Incoming Call Handling - Monitor operator extension

We have incoming calls going to an operator extension.  The other users want to have the option to pick up incoming calls and see the caller-id on their phone.  The problem is the other users do not want their phone to ring when an incoming call comes in.  They just want to see the notification on their phone.  I setup a button on their phones for the operator extension using a 's' for a silent ringer.  The only problem is their phones show missed calls from the operator extension.  There is no way to tell if the missed calls are from the operator extension or their own extension.  Is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying to accomplish?

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Re: Incoming Call Handling - Monitor operator extension

A nice way to do what you want is to use "m" button operator on the users' phones to monitor the operator extension. Calls to the operator extension will make the monitor button light up and the users will be able to press the "Pickup" softkey and then the line used to monitor to fetch the ringing call. Now, you do not get caller ID or missed calls.

With your configuration, you could disable missed calls under the ephone configuration mode, but that would apply to all calls, which probably you do not want.

We do not have a perfect fit today for what you want to do, I guess.


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Re: Incoming Call Handling - Monitor operator extension

I would use the "s" option for silent ringing.  You still have to put up with missed calls but the phones won't have an auditable ring.  Keep in mind that CCA does not support silent ringing for some odd reason so you will have to confiugre it manually.

Here is a sample ephone config:

ephone  10
device-security-mode none
  ephone-template 15
  type 7931
button  1:17 2s58 3s59 4s60
button  5s61 14w11 15w12 16w13
button  17w15 18w16 19w17 20w20


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