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New Member

Incoming calls drop off uc540


I have 3 analog lines coming into UC540.  Been working fine for three years.

I had been using AutoAttendant but the client just added a receptionist so I have sent the lines to her extension.  Line one incoming sometimes rings once at her extension, then disappears, then sometimes comes back and she can answer. 

Sometimes it rings once, disappears and the caller gets disconnected. It is intermittent.  The line had some static on it so I had the CO clean it up but still have this issue.

If line 1 is busy when calls come in, there is no issue.


When this happens, the first ring shows caller ID, when it comes back, if it does come back, it shows anonymous. I turned off caller ID but that did not fix.

Anyone have any ideas and could you please tell me what logs to generate and how so I can post if needed?

Also, if anyone has best practice to share for having daytime receptionist with fall back to AA after hours, please share that too.




Hi,A few

Hi @,

A few questions:

  • Can you identify the line that is giving you problem?
    • You can do that by calling to the numbers of the analog lines and seeing what line is causing issues
  • Did the CO change the cables when they visited you?
  • Did the issue start when you made the changes with the receptionist?

Also, can you share the running-config of the UC540? (Attach it as a text document for simplicity in the post).

Waiting for your responses.

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Martin, IT Specialist

New Member

Hi Martin,Thanks for the

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the response.

It is our first line of the CO sponsored roll over so line 1

The CO cleaned up the line, they did not change the posts that I know of. Still going into the same FX0 port on the UC540

The problems only appeared when I made the change from incoming calls going to AA to going to extension 103 (receptionist)

I am going to the site tomorrow and will upload config file then.




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