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Intercom/Speakerphone issues

We have 2 customers now that are having problems using intercom with speakerphones.

They are both experiencing intermittent sound quality issues.

The symtoms:

1. Feedback

2. Gaps in audio -- seems almost like a "half-duplex" issue... like if you have sound input (voice or background noise), the speaker goes quiet.

3. Random noise

This does not occur every time intercom is used, but quite often.

When this happens it is usually bad enough to make it unusable.

These are SPA phones, mostly 502/504.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

Cisco has told us that there is nothing that can be adjusted for those phones that could affect this.

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Intercom/Speakerphone issues

Hi Daniel,

One thing you could try is, press the speaker phone button, then turn the volume down say one or two notches... Then retest and see if the problem abates or goes away fully.

If the voice coming out of the speaker is quite loud, then the MIC will have some issues when sampling the voice, I don't think they are built with the same abilities as the 7900 series, hence the pricing I guess



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Intercom/Speakerphone issues

Hi Daniel,

Yes we are having issues with a deployment of SPA508 where the phones are close enough that when a page is done you often hear some of the phones start to make the announcment and then stop. (The others continue)

We have Cisco looking into this for us - An interesting thought is raised above...

The 'announcment' should be just that and should not be effected by ambient noise - but could this be the problem as to why they stop? We are not using them for two way intercoming as such just for announcments/paging.

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