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Intermittent issue on SPA400

I have 3 PSTN lines (trunk1, trunk2, trunk3) connected to one of the SPA400. My problem is when a user dials 9, they get the first PSTN line available on fxo_port_1(trunk1) and they can make outgoing calls fine, local calls, overseas calls, national long distance, all works fine. But when another call is made (so trunk2 will be used on fxo port 2), it’s hard to make a call. I get a message “sorry, the number you dialed is not yet in service” even though the number is indeed active, and would have to redial at least 3-5 times to get thru. Same goes for the 3rd line.

I did some troubleshooting, and I took the analog line that was on fxo1(trunk1) and switched it with fxo2 and then later on to fxo3 and changed the dial string to dial "9" to go out on fxo1 and "8" to go out to fxo2 and "7" to go out on fxo3. I noticed I can only make outgoing calls on whichever fxo port trunk1 is connected. I also tried connecting each pstn line to an analog phone and they all work fine. I also tried connecting the same analog lines to Cisco CME with VIC2-4FXO and all 3 lines work fine, and all phones can make outgoing calls to any number using any of the 3 lines.

anyone had encountered this problem?

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Re: Intermittent issue on SPA400

Hi there;

The SPA9000 and SPA400 don´t have any message like that, so that´should be a problem of the telephone company.

Best regards.

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