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Internal and External ring tones

I have a SPA9000 serving SPA941s,

I would like the phone to have separate ring tones for internal and external calls.

How do I do this?

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Re: Internal and External ring tones

This function is not supported on this platform. However, the UC5xx series is capable of doing this. The only modification you can do to the ringtone is change it for all calls. I know it seems like a few lines of code would solve the problem, but this platform does not do that. The reason for this is the phones do not know how to tell between internal or external calls. The phones use sip and in the invite it just has the invited extension with the from field in the same format, effectively all calls are internal calls because the SPA400/SPA9000 is actually making the call to the phone.


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Re: Internal and External ring tones

Could this be achevied with SLA (Shared Lina Appearence).

Have Line 1 setup as the indviduals private extention with its own ring tone,

Have Line 2 setup as a shared line where all external calls are directed and have that with a different ring tone?

Line 3 and 4 could also have the shared line setup to allow multiple calls on the shared line.

or have more than one shared line and use a dial plan to route calls if the others are busy.

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