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IP Communicator MAC Address

I have a customer running IP Communicator on a laptop.  The IP Communicator MAC address has changed 3 times now.  Every time, I have to reprogram the phone so the correct buttons display.

Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?


Re: IP Communicator MAC Address


If its the same PC, then it should not happen.

Make sure when you right mouse click on the CIPC skin, you see this (circled), to use the PCs ethernet MAC.

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Re: IP Communicator MAC Address

Also, I’m not sure if it’s the done thing but I have done in the past for testing specifying the mac via ‘use this device name’ in the format sepmac e.g. sep000000000001

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Re: IP Communicator MAC Address

Jason - easy solution.  Just use the "use this device name" and add a FAKE MAC address.  Then it will never change.  The issue is when you use the NIC card (physically plugged in) locally on the uc500 vs. the wireless NIC card (when you use the wireless to get internet)  vs. the VPN client (when you use either with a VPN client) you can get different MAC addresses assigned for each.  If you do things this way, it will work just fine.  Use the format SEP(MAC ADDRESS) (Example: SEP002215260FD4) under the ipcommunicator settings.

John Nikolatos

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