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Is it safe to play with swp 8.2 now?

OK so I'm very hesitant to start messing with it after all the issues that were brought to light (thanks David T.). 

My question is for Cisco: Will there be a patch for all the issues that were recently brought up? Or are updates only released based on their 6-month schedule?



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Is it safe to play with swp 8.2 now?

Hi Renato,

I am not Cisco but my thoughts on this are YES it is quite safe, however a couple of recommendations for you to take note of:

  • 100% 8.2 for fresh new installs, there are quite a few bugs from the previous IOS that were ironed out in this version, whilst some new ones were introduced, but thankfully not critical ones, or ones that are disruptive.
  • If upgrading from an older SWP you must realize that the CUE Dial-Peer may no longer be in Sync with the CUE DTMF configuration, the easiest way to resolve this is either via CLI, or some from Cisco have suggested deleting that Dial-Peer and re-creating it (Not my recommendation, quicker to just run a single command via CLI)
  • Point 2 is based on CCA 3.1 or 3.1.1 and this is also the recommended CCA version to use (3.1.1 is the latest, it was just recently updated to resolve other problems)

8.2 Is good to go, I have not seen any major issues yet, but who knows sometimes you don't see anything for weeks or maybe even months post install, I guess I will find out as next week I have multiple installs to do and they are all running 8.2, if my world comes crumbling down I am sure you will hear about it on hear



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Is it safe to play with swp 8.2 now?

Thanks David, as always.  I'll post my findings after the upgrade.

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Is it safe to play with swp 8.2 now?

I'd say no.

My issues are:

Our upgrade process failed and broke our UC540 so bad it took hours with STAC to recover it.

My 802.11 STILL doesnt work and STAC wont provide immediate support - more like a 5 day long 8x5 email support process.

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