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Issues with installing DID's

We have tried to set up some DID’s in our UC520 and can not get it to work.  Our Cisco guy (Andy) in Spartanburg has verified that we are using the right codec’s and we have set up the ephone and translate sections in the CLI.  I have associated each DID with an extension, and Andy has checked the set up in our configuration.  Just as a test, I went back and set up the DID’s in the configuration utility 2.0 without success.I was looking for a manual or instruction sheet on how to set up DID’s on the UC520.  I am missing something but do not know how to find it.  We did remove parts of the default configuration we knew we did not need, but now question this action.  If you can find anything that is clear on how to set up these DID’s please forward them to me.

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Re: Issues with installing DID's


Have you checked with your phone vendor to see how many digits they are passing through on the DID's? I ran into the same problem where the vendor was only passing the last three digits of the full number into the system. so:

555-555-1234 to extension 123 would be programmed as 234 to extension 123.

Hope that helps.



Re: Issues with installing DID's

How are the calls coming in?  PRI, BRI, SIP?  Are they coming in FXO?  We should start here on the troubleshooting.  If you want to know how to do this in CCA...

Under Dial Plan, there information on how to configure DID's.  If it is SIP, are the numbers registered?  What is the behavior of the failure?

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Re: Issues with installing DID's

Hi Jeffrey,

When you have checked what the post above have stated, can you then post your config up, excluding all sensative information please.

You really shouldnt be having any troubles using DID's or to get them to work, however it only takes one small tiny thing to break it all, and often that tiny thing gets easily overlooked (Speaking from experience here :))



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Re: Issues with installing DID's

I ran into a problem setting up sip trunks with my provider. The biggest hurdle was finding out that my service had been configured for dynamic sip trunks. This requires that you enter credentials for each and every DID.

All of the documentation on sip trunking I have seen has been based on static sip trunking, in which I believe there is a single username and password for the entire trunk.

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