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ITSP out of Australia called ENGIN

I have been using a wonderful ITSP service out of Melbourne called Engin, but i have a heads up regarding configuration of a SIP trunk, to save you the pain that i have gone through.

I have been playing on and off with the generic profile under CCA1.8 and now CCA1.9. 

I have trying to  get a SIP trunk working between Engin and my UC520, but the voip calls would drop after 24 seconds.

Looking at the voip debug messagesc indicated that my UC520 was the cause of VOIP problem.

However, because Engin are a bring your own device  (BYOD ) provider, they offer no configuration assistance. I understand that and that's fair enough.

Tonight i tried to get Engin working again on my UC520.

I had a chat with a cisco employee in Queensland  and was given a helpful hint.

She told me to go  into CLI mode via hyperterminal  or telnet and jumped into  'enable' mode.  I logged in and typed 'the following commands;

conf t





wr mem

When i looked at the running config i saw a new entry under the sip-ua section,  i saw "connection reuse".

When i tried to type connection reuse under the sip-ua interface, i received the following error message.

UC520(config-sip-ua)#connection reuse
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

The moral of this story or heads-up message is only type con and not connection reuse if you are trying to get Engin up and running.

This is not a negative on Engin, their service has actually been great,  this is a negative on my CLI skills.

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Re: ITSP out of Australia called ENGIN


Thanks very much for the post on your expeirence. Hopefully it will be of benefits to others out there.

Unfortunately SIP configuration at the moment still oftens requires some command line change which can cause headaches.

In CCA 1.9 you may have noticed under the SIP Trunk tab the ability to add a "Custom" SIP provider via an XML template.

We are currently in testing stages with a number of Australian ITSP's and will release appropriate templates as soon as possible.

Stay Tuned !


con is short for connection-reuse ... its that dash thats they key when entering it.



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Re: ITSP out of Australia called ENGIN

Documentation for configuring SIP trunks with Engin and several other providers may be found at  Amongst other things, this discusses the use of the connection-reuse parameter.  And as Luke states above, we are in the process of developing a number of plugins for CCA 1.9 that will allow different providers to be imported into the drop down list on the SIP Trunk page, and will automatically address some of the configuration traps that you might otherwise run into.  Keep an eye on the support community for updates, as these plugins will be made available on the community once the are ready for publication.



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