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ITSP SIP Trunk CCA request #1: Via Public Internet

Dear Cisco UC500 team. Please can you create an XML template for SIP trunks via the Public Internet and our Public SBC's?

1. Please ensure that ephone-dn's, hunt groups etc  have "no reg  both" to avoid unnecessary SIP registration noise.

2. Please can you set DTMF relay to prefer RTP-NTE and then SIP-INFO

Kind regards


ParameterValueCisco's comment
Name of ITSP via PIEnter name as you would like to see it in CCA drop down,  please keep this as short as possible
Dialplan localeGB(optional) provide the country locale if you know thiscould be UK or GB ?
Display Proxy Server (Primary) fieldYes; to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's primary SIP  proxy serverPlease pre-complete "" If this is not possible, simply hide the box
Display Proxy Server (Backup) fieldNo(optional) field to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's  backup SIP proxy serverWe load-balance / failover using SRV
Display Registrar Server fieldYes; to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's SIP registrar server, this is  required if ITSP requires SIP registrationsPlease pre-complete "" If this is not possible, simply  hide the box
Display Outbound Proxy Server fieldYes; to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's Session Border  Controller, this is required if ITSP has an SBC that is different  compared to its proxy server.Please pre-complete "" If this is not possible, simply  hide the box
Display Digest Authentication (Username / Password)Yesfield to enter username / password for SIP registration or  calling, this is required if Registrar Server is presentCustomer specific, please use realm of
Display Customer Company Name fieldNo(optional)  choose YES if specific caller name is required  for outbound calls, usually ITSP does thisPlease allow the from header's user part to include the extension name of the calling party
Display Call Admission Control fieldYes(optional) choose YES if ITSP requires the UC500 limit # of SIP calls,  usually ITSP does this
Display User Credentials fieldNo(optional) choose YES if ITSP requires SIP registration of all DIDs  associated to the UC500 with a unique username / password per DID


ParameterValueCisco's comment
Voice CodecG.711ulawChoose one of the 3 codecs shown

it would be great if you could support a voice class containing the following:

voice class codec 1
codec preference 2 g729r8 bytes 40 (most efficient use of G729 for ATM based DSL)
codec preference 3 g729br8 bytes 40
codec preference 4 g711alaw
codec preference 5 g711ulaw

and that you create a transcoder, so calls make it OK to CUE, if not the only option would be to stick to uLaw.

Fax protocolT38Choose one of the 2 methods - T.38 or G.711 upspeed
RFC2833 (DTMF) payload type101Default value is 101, if change is required, then enter  value in range from 97 to 121
Should UC500 register all DIDs to ITSPnoTypically most ITSPs register only the main number but if  all numbers are required then choose YES
Is SIP registration for DID(s) using same username / password or  unique username / password per DIDnaAnswer Yes or No only if above row is YES.
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