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line voltage in spa400

Hi I hope you can help me. I have worked with a spa400/spa9000 and the spa400 has 2 lines, but they are not of the same company

the problem is that I can not use one of the lines to call in outbound direction, I have seen in the web page of this device en the status

that the voltage is not equal to the other line it has -48V, my doubt is, What is the voltage that the lines should have? and if this

could be a factor to cause this problem?


New Member

Re: line voltage in spa400

The voltage is fine.

Did you use the wizard to install the spa9000/400 system?

By default, it should have allowed you to dial 9 and the phone number to reach the outside lines, in the order of FXO1 and then FXO2 (assuming that you aren't using the SIP lines).

You can enclosed your spa9000 config here by logging into it as admin/advanced and saving the voice side of the htm file so we can take a look.

Re: line voltage in spa400

Thanks for your answer, I used the wizard to install de system, I can use the FXO1 (-52V)whitout a problem, but if I try to use the FXO2(-48V), I can dial

the number but the line doesn`t establish the call and sometimes if I call to the number of the line in FXO2 when I finished the call I see in

the status of the FXO line in the SPA400 in the Line 2 Status: Off-Hook and I need to unplug the cable and plug again to see the status On-Hook.

I did a test with this line, I plug into an analog phone and the service is very intermittent,  I dial but the call doesn`t establish and sometimes it do.

The voltage is the only diferent I can see in this two lines, I send the config of the spa9000,

Thanks for you help.

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Re: line voltage in spa400

Glad that you tested with the analog phone and saw the problem still occurs.  You'll need to contact your line provider

and have them fix this problem.  Thanks for the info.

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