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Linksys SPA 941 & 942 Losing Registration with

I have one SPA 941 and two SPA 942. They all three are registered to subaccounts with 95% of the time the line is green and the phone works great.  Periodically, registration will fail. It seems to happen on all 3 phones at the same time. We have a 6 Mbit DSL connection as opposed to a T1 or something else more dedicated.

When registration fails, I have pulled up the web interface and under 'Info' for that phone line, 'Next Registration In' is out to like 1048.

I have these settings:

Register:Make Call Without Reg:
Register Expires:Ans Call Without Reg:
Use DNS SRV:DNS SRV Auto Prefix:
Proxy Fallback Intvl:Proxy Redundancy Method:

When I am registered, it will re-register every 90 seconds ( recommends keeping this number under 150), but when the registration fails, it doesn't try to register for 1000+ seconds.

When the 1000 seconds are up, the phones usually re-register and everything is working again. Problem is that is 16 minutes of phone line being down, obviously. So we normally reboot the phone and it re-registers every time as well.

Is there a way to set this re-register on fail time?

What is strange is I have a small asterisk server  and a grandstream 502 ATA on the network and they NEVER lose their registration or if they do, they re-register before I can find there is a problem.

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