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Logout profile + add on 7915

Hello all,

At the customer of us i configured extension mobility,

I configured logout profiles with username en password. On the 7962 phone i connected a add on module 7915.

When i don't use EM on a phone and configure a username and password i can logon in the user gui and manage my speed dials of the add on module.

When i user EM and i logon on the user gui then i'm not able to configure speed dials on the add on because the add on is not available.

How can i use add on module speed dials for users in combination with EM?


ephone  27

device-security-mode none

mac-address D824.BD27.911C

ephone-template 17

type 7962 addon 1 7915-24

logout-profile 3

voice logout-profile 3

user Markt27 password 12345

number 6260 type normal

Thx in advance.

Best regards,

Mitch Rouwette

Hall of Fame Super Gold

Re: Logout profile + add on 7915

I'm afraid that is a limitation of the GUI that doesn't support EM at all.

If you update to SWP 8.6 to be released real soon now, you will be able to configure speed-dial and BLF from the phone GUI and that *may* work with EM.

New Member

Re: Logout profile + add on 7915

Thx for the answer. So it's not possbile to login with a user that is configured in a logout-profile and manage the speed dial buttons of the add on module through the GUI?

I also use BACD. I want to add the numbers that are configured in the logout profiles on my BACD, this is also not possible. I can't add the numbers.

Is there no other method for solving the problems above?

Thx in advance

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