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Mask Public WAN IP Address from ISP


Just a quick question I am working on a project in Poland and have got all my UC520 kit with me. I use a Polish ISP Netia. Is it possible somehow to mask my WAN Ip address to match my UK ISP BT broadband IP address. The reason for asking is that I cannot access any of my Sky online services and other UK related websites. If this can be done without going through a proxy server based in the UK and can be done by simple CLI code this would stop the heart ache.

Thanks Brian

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Re: Mask Public WAN IP Address from ISP

most likely not.. i'll wait for the experts to comment :)

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Re: Mask Public WAN IP Address from ISP


There is not a way to mask or spoof your ip address on the WAN interface. The only real way to get around this is using MPLS. MPLS uses a "layer 2.5" marking just after the mac address to identify its route through the isp cloud. This would keep the isp from looking at the layer 3 address. If you had an MPLS tunnel back to the "home" network then you could consider it as a work around for your situation. The only other way is to use a proxy server.


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