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Migrating from one UC560 to another..

We had to install a temporary UC560 at a client this weekend after a package was delayed to a client site at a multi site deployment.  My question is pretty straight forward.  Can I move the two compact flash cards from one UC560 to another with identical specs without any further modification (with the exception of maybe licenses)?         

If not what are some of the 'gotchas'..      

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Migrating from one UC560 to another..


Yes, licenses would be an issue, but if it was a temporary UC560, I would have suggested using the evaluation licenses, depending on the lenth of time the UC560 was going to be in place.

You would also have an issue with the config, since the startup.cfg is stored in NVRAM, not on flash.  Also, depending on the software pack running on the units, the CNF files may also need to be recreated, as older versions of IOS did not store the CNF files on flash.

I would suggest that you are running the most resent software pack, then before moving the flash cards, copy the running config to flash.  Once you put the cards in the new unit, after booting, (Assuming the new unit has a valid/bootable startup config) copy the saved config file to the startup config on the new box, and reload CME.

That is all I can think of right now, but there may be other little 'gotchas'.  Have not done this personally.

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Migrating from one UC560 to another..

Thanks Darren.  I was concerned about that all day.. thinking I wonder if thats in nvram or flash..  I did copy that to the flash.  But I'm doing the migration now.. and didn't think to copy the cue's configuration to flash as well. 

I guess that doesn't matter as much as after this later tonight I'm migrating them to Exchange UM from Unity Express.

I was indeed using the eval liceneses.    

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