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Mirror Calls via FXS Port on UC500

We are putting together a proposal for a customer who has existing call recording hardware using analog lines. If we install a UC500 system, can it be setup to mirror calls via a built in FXS port? We would like it to mirror the output to the recorder if a call comes in to a certain extension. If this can be done, can you give a brief overview of the commands involved?


Re: Mirror Calls via FXS Port on UC500

FXS Mirror not available

Options we do support:

Live Record:  The live-record feature enables IP phone users in a Cisco Unified Communications 500 system to record a phone conversation with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 voicemail system. Callers will hear a brief pause and optional tone at the start of call recording. By option (required in some states or countries), an audible notification, by either announcement or periodic beep, alerts participants that the conversation is being recorded.

In a subsequent release, we will make the tones optional.

Third Party Applications:

There are quite a few third party applications that will allow you to  record calls on the UC 520. Check out vendors like Verint/Witness, NICE,  or Telrex (  to learn more about their recording options.

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Re: Mirror Calls via FXS Port on UC500

What about mirroring calls on a UC560 via PRI? Customer has a PRI and is setting up call recording with Call Copy. They are requesting that a mirrored prot be set up so they can capture the call recording. Let me elaborate, they use entirely IP Phones.

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Re: Mirror Calls via FXS Port on UC500

Any thoughts about using UCC Express?

This should cover of what you want to do if Live Record is not a viable option...



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