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MOH formats for uc560?

When uploading a MOH to the uc560 flash, what format is required? Can you use a .wav file or is it the same restriction off CME - a specially formatted .au?


Re: MOH formats for uc560?

Hi jeff,

Found a good CME  reference to changing MOH at the following location, don't think Uc500 will be very different.

It mentions; A music file must be in stored in the router's flash memory, so you have to TFTP it down to the Uc500.

This file should be in G.711 format. The file can be in .au or .wav file format, but the file format must contain 8-bit 8-kHz data; for example, ITU-T A-law or mu-law data format.

Personally, I have tried .au files with success a wee while ago... I used audacity to create that file.

This should be a fun exercise I hope, I know when i tried this a year or so ago it was fun to try out.

It's worth a go if you have some time, you can't really ruin anythiing, as the original MOH au file will still be in the UC500.

Regards Dave

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Re: MOH formats for uc560?

Using the Small Business Office Manager, I found you can import .wav and .mp3 files successfully.  Choose the file location and select import.  While this

only places them under the telephony-service, it does store them in flash.  At that point, you can manually specify them in MOH groups.  If you only have a universal MOH on hold, once imported, your MOH is updated successfully on the box.

Re: MOH formats for uc560?

I also like OM which converts and audio file for you, you will also not be supported with OM if you go the CLI route. Just a heads up.

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