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More SPA525G woes...load 7-4-2, uc520 7-0-3 load

Oh my. I thought some of the softkey bugs would have been fixed by now-

service request# 613190551

Above is my TAC case. While the softkey bugs have decreased with the latest version, they still happen way too much. Most recent discovery is that the DND softkey function on the 525G phone with subject load works several times as expected before hanging the phone. Typcally this number averages about 4. That is, turn on DND for a couple phone calls then turn off DND for a couple more. Turn it back on again then off again. Typically on the 5th or 6th press, the DND feature gets stuck and either hangs the phone or the DND feature in it's last mode. The only work around we have discovered would be to reboot the phone.

THESE 525G bugs have got to go away. My customers are screaming!

In addition, the alleged CFWDALL softkey bug was supposed to be fixed in this version as well. Guess what, it is not. Similar issue, after several uses of CFWALL softkey, the phone shows odd characters and no long responds to CFWDALL requests.

YES- have tried multiple phones- this is a 50 SPA525G deployment. Good news for me is that I have been able to duplicate in the lab.


New Member

Re: More SPA525G woes...load 7-4-2, uc520 7-0-3 load

Agreed the SPA525G needs some work.  I have personally experienced the sound quality issues and that alone turned me off from the phone.  We will not recommend this phone to anyone until some serious improvement is made.  I am sad to see all these new features like SSL and Video coming out for the phone but no real progress being made on the phone itself.

Cisco Employee

Re: More SPA525G woes...load 7-4-2, uc520 7-0-3 load

Dear Sir;

We are working on an emergency release that will come in a few weeks. It will solve the audio issue you have experienced. Stay tuned.

Regards and we appreciate your assistance


New Member

Re: More SPA525G woes...load 7-4-2, uc520 7-0-3 load


That's great, but too late. My customers can no longer be the BETA testers for Cisco. The SPA525G has been a very bad experiment for us and the poor customers that got this phone. The SPA525 is off our recommend list until the number of bugs reaches the 79xx series level. This has been very bad and costly for us.

New Member

Re: More SPA525G woes...load 7-4-2, uc520 7-0-3 load

The official new release for SPA525G is only a few days away.


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