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Multisite Questions/CUVA

I am setting up a Multisite with 2 UC520s and have a few questions:

1) Currenty we have 4 digit extensions on each end and we have to dial a 4 (multisite access) then 2 (location id) then the 4 digit extension - is there a shorter way to do this (besides shortening the extensions themselves.

2) Person A is in location 1 on multisite and Person B is at location 2 - both have CUVA cams, software and their phones setup correctly - when Person A calls person B on multisite do the CUVA cams work as well?


Re: Multisite Questions/CUVA

Hi John,

I havent tried multisite with CCA 2.1 yet to see the Multisite manager in action but plan to after SMB Nation show this weekend.

But I did build some multisite collateral in the last releases, which I think answers your questions.

In particular, the difference between page 4 and 5 is multisite is connected using SIP and then shown using H323, respectively.  You will want to use H323 for intersite connections so video can be used (CUVA).

There is also a doc on the community that has thhose ppt pictures in an At A Glance doc and a full blown applcation note showing how to build 5 sites in a multisite, which BTW is why you need a steering digit and a site index.  I suppose if you had just 2 sites, a single unambigious digit might be used, but I havent tried that since we support up to 5, so we design for that way.

Hope it helps


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