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Need help with programming UC540 to use an external DHCP (Windows Server 2003) server.


Just had a question  regarding an external DHCP  server for a UC 540.  I have added the "IP  helper-address" command to  "Interface BVI 1".  Everything works ok, my  computers get a dhcp address  but as soon as I try pinging from CUE out  to the internet, I get no  reply.  Now, if I add the "IP NAT OUTSIDE"  command to the BVI 1  interface, CUE is able to ping outwards but I  cannot access the CUE  through web browser.  Is there any way to  configre this so that CUE is  able to ping out to the internet (need  this for SMTP message  notification) and DHCP addresses for computers  come from an external  server while the Phones get their IP address from  the UC540 system?

It almost seems like you can only have one or the other?  Also, I will be programming through CLI.

Thank you!!

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