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Newbie Help with Restoring SPA504G config file

I know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be completely effective.  Any help is much appreciated.

I have a standalone SPA504G for which I have customized the configuration.  Frequently, several times a day, the phone resets and returns to the default configuration, erasing all my efforts.  As a result, I have two intertwined problems: 

1 -- is there a way to prevent the resets?  I am tethered to RingCentral for my VOIP service, if that is relevant.

2 -- if I cannot prevent the resets, how do I restore my configuration?  I have reviewed this helpful post and have downloaded the spacfg.xml file.  I have also installed Solarwinds TFTP Server for use in restoring the config file.  My problem is that I am completely unfamiliar with TFTP and have been unable to locate instructions as to how to upload, download and restore the spacfg.xml file.  Step-by-step "TFTP for Dummies" instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


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Newbie Help with Restoring SPA504G config file

item 1,

is your phone provisioned?  if Ring Central is provisioning it, they may be overwriting your changes.

you can check by going into the provisioning tab on the phone web gui.

click admin login --> advanced --> voice  -->provisioning

look for profile rule. if it has anything but SPA$psn.cfg  it is probably provisioned.  (especially if it says something like  )

the profile rule will download a new config file from the server every "resynch periodic" time (3600 sec by default), then if it is different from the current config it will implement and reboot.

So to prevent this, remove the profile rule or set resynch periodic to 0.

or have ringcentral put your changes into the provisioning file. 

Most providers have a web 'dashboard' to make changes to the phones they manage.

2 - to reload a config using tftp

set up your tftp, put the file in the tftp root, and set the windows firewall to allow incoming connections to the app (solarwinds, tftpd32, etc), or port 69 UDP

then in the gui of the phone use the resync url to load the config to the phone.

Note, if your config is in the tftproot, you should not need the /  part.

hope it helps,


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Newbie Help with Restoring SPA504G config file

Thank you, Daniel, for taking the time to respond.

I confirmed that my phone is provisioned by RingCentral and that there system will not permit the type of customization I am trying to implement.  However, you were correct that changing the "resynch periodic" time to 0 stopped the resetting of the phone.  I implemented some small customization and let it run overnight.  The changes remained this morning.

I had more difficulty with trying to restore my customized configuration settings.  I tried to reload my config file with using the IP address (xxx) for the phone and the IP address (xx) for the TFTP server (with the spacfg.xml file in the root directlry for the TFTP server).  I received a message saying "SPA will resync the profile when it is not in use and reboot. You can click here to return to the configuration page."  Howver, the phone has not resynced. 

Is it possible that my problem is with how I saved the .xml file?  I have seen conflicting references that discuss saving the file as .xml or as .txt.  What I did was simply save the entire spafcg page as .xml.  But I am wondering whether I should have copied the text from the page and saved it as a .txt file instead?

Any advice you can provide is appreciated.  Thanks again for your help.   

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