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Night Service Confusion

I have NS all setup and it works perfect! Except after-hours if people are still in the office they cannot call the phones that NS is pointing to.

So our call plan works like this:

All calls ring a Blast Group of three extensions (123,124,125) during normal business hours.

After hours the NS engages for those three extensions and it forwards to the answering service.

I am sure there is something I am missing to still allow those three extensions to still dial each other internally afterhours. Or I could have done this completely wrong.

Thanks ahead of time.


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Night Service Confusion

Just have the Blast Group configured for night service diversion.

Remove the 3 extensions

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Night Service Confusion

How I usually do it:

1. Setup a floating extension that has call-forward all set to your blast group. [Point incoming calls to this extension]

2. Set call-forward night-service for the floating extension to your after hours number.

3. Either set a night-service schedule or make the appropriate phones night service phones and use a code/button.


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