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Notify response after registration


My SIP provider is changing things, and I've been testing it out. The first request is always denyed and the second request is accepted after url translation to ip. This is what is bugging me. Immediatly after 200 ok, they send a "notify: message and I reply with "Call leg transaction does not exist". I could use a pointer in resolving this. It's been just enough to keep me staring at SIP documents for the entire week, and I need a resolve.

I also want to fix the from address field in the sip registration. My To: address in registering and calls is the same as the From: address. I'd like to know where that info is populated from. I've been digging, but the answer has not been very forthecoming. I would appreciate if anyone on here could be. I want my from address to be my address so I can differentiate who is sending and recieving the SIP messages.

One other disgruntle I'd like to fix... The attached is an example of some junk that is always rolling through my CLI. Started after trying to configure a UCC server. Network issues seem to be the trouble there, hopefully that will be resolved with the new switch.. I understand it's somewhat normal and doesn't need to be fixed, but I just want itto disappear from my site.

Thanks for any guidance...

Happy 4th


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