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Office Manager 1.2

We are very new to the Cisco Community and the UC500 series product.

I have noticed one particular road block is training key operators how to program phones for speed dials and phone directory's etc...

We do not want to give them much more rights than that.

Is there a way to to this?

If not how or where would you put this as a request for the next version update?

Thanks again and sorry if this is not the right place for this thread.


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Re: Office Manager 1.2

check this slide deck out.

When you first start, you (partner) can regulate what end customer sees...

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Re: Office Manager 1.2

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the reply however we knew we could do most of this however it still doesn't address the simple items of adding speed dial #'s to phones.

The customer wants to be able to do this because they have the SPA525's and SPA509's with the SPA500S on them.

The Office Manager seems to be limited to this.

They went with Cisco however were used to another manufacture that had this as an option.

Are we missing something or is it a limitation?

If so can it be added?


Re: Office Manager 1.2

How about CCA and the phone TUI itself?

The OM PM (Marcos) will need to address roadmap.

Feature/   FunctionCategoryDescriptionCCA: WizardCCA: Expert   ModeOffice ManagerPhone TUIOperate Notes

Personal   Speed DialDial Plan: Speed   DialWith this   feature, you can configure a maximum of 24 personal speed-dial numbers per phone; the numbers are   accessed through the Directory, Personal Speed Dial listing. CME   Services> My Phone Apps> Personal Speed DialDirectories>   Personal Speed Dial : Select and dial
Speed Dial Buttons & Abbreviated DialDial   Plan: Speed DialThis   feature allows you to quickly dial a phone number by entering an assigned   index code (1-99) on the phone keypad. Up to 55 supported from CCA, all or   additional 44 from phone TUI.  Abbreviated dialing SoftKey is used to dial these numbers or the   button on the phone as these will occupy unassigned phone buttons after phone   reset. Configure>   Telephony> Users and Extensions> Users and Phones: Speed Dial tab CME   Services> My Phone Apps> Speed Dial ButtonsPress   index (1-99), then AbbrDial Softkey.  Note, if no Speed Dial entries exist, the phone will try to dial from   local directory stored numbers.
System Speed Dial (from Directory)Dial   Plan: Speed DialConfigured   by the CCA or OM administrator and is shared between all   IP phones on the system.   Implemented via Speeddial.xml file on IOS flash. Configure>   Telephony> Users and Extensions> System Speed DialPhone   System> Phone Menus> Local Speed Dials Directories>   Local Speed Dial: Select and Dial
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Re: Office Manager 1.2

We are trying to avoid the CCA for the end user.

It is pretty easy for them to browse and mess things up.

We thought this should be added to the Office Manager since this is a common task they do.

Adding speed dials to user phones is common and we can't believe it not to be an option in Office Manager.

So we thought it was just us.

Where do you put a request for it to be added as an update?

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Re: Office Manager 1.2

Hi Al,

I'll take note of your request. I am the Product Manager for OM. As of now, we do not have an ETA on when this owuld be implemented.



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Re: Office Manager 1.2


We are not sure where to requset updates.

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Re: Office Manager 1.2

This will work (this thread I mean). You can also use the built in feedback mechanism as wishlist.

Thanks for your patience.

Re: Office Manager 1.2

OM has a "feedback" button.  Goes straignt to Richardson Texas :-)

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Re: Office Manager 1.2

A limitation of 24 speed dials using CCA - that seems silly since the UC will accept 796x with up to 2 791x sides with each having 24 buttons.

You force the customer/partner to use CLI.

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