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Office Manager Questions

I have a few questions regarding the OM tool:

1)  I've only tried using OM 1.0 on 2 systems and each one had an odd thing happen after I'd opened and closed it. Both systems had their system message default to " Cisco Unified CME" instead of the company name that we normally program ?   It was re-written.  Am I overlooking something in the OM tool that is inadvertently doing that?

2)  One of the systems (our in house UC520 on pack 8.0.4) is now showing an IOException: connection refused  when I try to listen to my vm msgs via voice view express/CME service URL.  Pressing Listen softkey gives that error.  Is this because we have a lot of CLI configs- we followed the OOB guidelines, but still have cli configs for certain features.

3) Our system (smae UC520 on 8.0.4 pack)  also locks users out of their vm boxes after i've opened and viewed things with OM...

Just wondering fif anyone else has seen these symptoms or if they are due to something else?


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Re: Office Manager Questions

1)  Fixed in OM 1.1

2) OM only supported on CCA Only configured Systems

3) Dont know about that one

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Re: Office Manager Questions

For 3), please email me the OM logs to see what might be causing this. In any case, as Steve mentioned, out-of-band CLI configs are not supported.



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