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One to One Nat translation

Is it possible to setup one to one NAT translations on the UC? I have about 10 outside addresses that I need to translate to 10 inside addresses. I tried using CCA but it seems to only allow translation of type of services to addresses.  is this possible? and can anyone tell me how to do this either with CCA or Cli.


Re: One to One Nat translation

I don't believe this is possible with CCA.  But that link will give you the information you need.

ip nat outside source static

That will translate on the outside to on the

You will also need to make changes to your ACLs as well.  After doing
this, you will  not be able to make changes to your DMZ, Firewall, or
NAT settings in CCA.

Re: One to One Nat translation - BUG CSCta76921 (fixed in CCA 2

Good news:  It is now possible with CCA 2.0.1

Bad News: It wipes out your ACLs for FE0/0 (SO SAVE THEM MANUALLY before you try this)

I insatlled an IP Camera on one of my UC520 systems on Friday and SIP Trunk stopped working.  I played with it for 30 minutes before I realized the ACL was changed.  I had a backup, and use it and entered the NAT manual.

BUG ID:  CSCta76921

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