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One way audio issue

Hi Everybody,

I have a new issue with the UC320 W of one of my clients. After resolving with your support a problem with the disconnection tone, now I have a new issue. The problem of this new issue is that it doesn't happen at every call, but just sometimes, and I cannot understand if randomly or with some logic. When somebody calls one of the 3 lines connected to the FXOs, sometimes the caller doesnt' hear anything, while we hear him, and this happens also when the Voice Mail or the Auto respondant answers. As I said before, it doesn't happen at every call: in fact, if the caller hangs up and calls again, everything works fine. I have the last firmware updated as well as the last region pack (Italy_x3_v1). Also installed a PMF sent to me by Cisco (

Manual Entry Disconnect Tone.pmf) that allowed me to manually entry the disconnect tone. I wish somebody could help me quickly, because the client started to be tired of having always some issue...


One way audio issue

Hi Stefano,

How long is the system up time? You can find out from Status-> Devices. What is the firmware release? If it's the latest firmware 2.3.2(6), could you please perform fxo/fxo loopback testing and fxo/fxs loopback testing at Status-> Support Tools.

Best regards,


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One way audio issue

Hi Wenjin, thanks for your answer!

Well the answers to your questions are the following (i am not at client's site, but to some things i can answer).

1) The system is rebooting every weekend, so it shouldn't be up for more than 48 h now. We have this issue more or less since end of october and during this time the system was rebooted several times, also manually but without any result

2) yes, 2.3.2(6)

3) before winter holidays i performed one fxo/fxo that failed... and this surpised me. In case u need me to perform more of these tests, i will be at client's site on 10th of january and i can do it!


One way audio issue

Hi Stefano,

Other than fxo/fxo and fxo/fxs loopback testing, we also need to do FXO audio capture.

Please contact the Small Business Support Center at the phone number listed (Please pick the appropriate phone number in your region) in the link attached. One of our Engineers should be able to assist you to do so.


Wendy Yang

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