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One way audio when more than 6 call

Hi everyone,

A client of mine has an UC560 working with a SIP provider. It works fine when they have 5 simultaneous calls or less, but when they make or receive the sixth one, this last call is one way audio. When this happens, is always my client who hears (very clear, actually), so in the other side hear nothing.

Now they use G.711a as primary codec, but I have tried changing codecs and changing SIP provider. Apparently, SIP trunk has no limits. The connection is 10Mbps ADSL exclusive for telephony (about 400kbps upload speed) but we don´t reach the limit.

I don´t see any dspfarm configuration. Could be the problem here?

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re:One way audio when more than 6 call

Hi Mate,

Can you please do a "sh dspfarm all" and post the results up here for us? You don't have to upgrade the system as this may introduce more unknown problems.

Sometimes enabling the conference facility helps with transcoding issues and DSP issues, but we will play that card as a last resort.


David Trad.

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One way audio when more than 6 call


finally that was a bandwith issue. I´m using g729 codec now and the number of simultaneous call I can get has increased considerably. I tried changing the codec before the post, but because a SIP provider issue was not negotiated, so I didn´t realize I was holding g711.

Anyway, thank you all. Cheers.

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