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Out-of-band Configuration and Licensing Upgrades

I am wondering what happens to any out-of-band configuration after a license upgrade on a UC500 system.

For the ephone-dn reserved and unassigned ranges, for example on a 48 user UC520, the ranges are as follows:

user extensions: 10-117, unassigned: 118-127, telephony features: 128-222, mwi: 223 and 224.

On a license upgrade to 64 users, these change to as follows:

user extensions: 10-165, unassigned: 166-175, telephony features: 176-286, mwi: 287 and 288.

If I have out-of-band configuration within the unassigned range, what happens to this when I apply the upgrade, as this configuration would now be sitting within the user extensions range? Does this get overwritten by CCA? Does CCA move this?

This would also apply to the voice register DN range (although the guidelines do not seem to have anything for UC540 or UC560 systems?)

Would be worth mentioning something about this in the Out of Band Guidelines document i think.

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