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Outbound translation rule on FXS


I've had to setup an analogue phone on an FXS port, part of the setup is to restrict what numbers are available to be dialled from the phone.

So far I've come up with this, which just aint doing the trick, people can still dial any number outbound from the analogue phone.

(numbers have been changed to protect the innocent)

voice translation-rule 3000
rule 1 /0408111111/ /00408111111/
rule 2 /^000$/ /0000/
rule 3 /0427111111/ /00427111111/
rule 4 reject //
voice-port 0/0/3
translate called 3000

translate calling 3000
cptone AU
timeouts interdigit 5
timeouts ringing infinity

So basically trying to allow 2 numbers beginning with 0427 & 0408, and then also allowing emergency services on 000, a zero is also appended to the beginning of the number, every other number should be rejected.

Any help much appreciated !


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Re: Outbound translation rule on FXS

I would look to call blocking instead of using translation rules, latest version of UC500/CME software for this is very robust for this sort of thing;

Ron Lewis


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Re: Outbound translation rule on FXS

Thanks Ron, turns out I had my translation rules back to front and have managed to get it working, I've had a quick look through the suggested doco but it seems to be more about after hours access rather then just blanket blocking everything and only allowing certain full numbers to be dialled.

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