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Outgoing call matching inbound DID


I have a problem with outgoing calls to certain destinations.

We have UC560 with PRI circuit and extensions range of 4XX.

For direct dials telco sends did in four digit format which is 94XX - last for digits of actual phone number.

We also use 9 as an access code.

The problem is with dialing local numbers.

If we want to dial the outsite number of 4123456 we would dial 94123456 . Call insatead of going to PRI trunk it matches incoming direct dial of 9412 which points to extension 412 and it rings 412.

How can I use some digit manipulation to ad prefix to local number to be long distance number?

In example when I dial :


I would like to add 01 after 9


Ougoing number would look like above and it would not match incoming dialplan.

Thanks in advance.


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Outgoing call matching inbound DID

You have some configuration error.

You can spend time studying and trying to do yourself, or get a reputable consulant, or UC certfified Cisco to fix your configuration.

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Outgoing call matching inbound DID

Hi Paolo,

With whole respect you could keep that commect to yourself. I am not the person who posts on the forums without googling. Whole setup was done via cca as adviced by cisco. I only ask for some advice where I should apply digit manipulation to take priority before it hits the internal dialplan.



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Outgoing call matching inbound DID

I just configured UC540 as test with following.

access code 9

extensions 2XX

I added direct dial with DID 9203 pointing to ext 203

When you try to dial local number of 92034567 it dial ext 203.

Hard to make wrong configuration on this task.

I would appriciate any advice.



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Re: Outgoing call matching inbound DID

If using CCA, this is the wrong forum, post in "small business voice - UC500". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

Note however that no digit manipulation is needed to avoid that when dialing 94441234, you instead ring extension 444. From that the simple fact that you have a configuration mistake, like it or not.

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