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Paging does not work (pagegroup call)


I am trying to make a pagegroup call but it does not work.

I have reset the SPA9000 several times to factory default and with even the most basic config it won't make a pagegroup call.

What happens:

I pick up one of the SPA942

Via phonebook, select pagegroup

The phone makes no tone and connects directly but not to the other phones

If I dial via *96 and extension then I do get a tone and are connected to the right extension.

setup :SPA9000,SPA400, SPA962,SPA942 and SPA922 all firmware 6.1.5 (except spa400 =



Cisco Employee

Re: Paging does not work (pagegroup call)

Hi gwankho,

Use the SPA9000 Setup Wizard, follow all instructions, in the order given, and you'll have a working system with paging in under 30 minutes.

If you choose to not use the Wizard:

Paging relies on multicast and by default uses

Phones must have:

     User tab > Supplementary Services > Auto Answer Page: yes

     User tab > Supplementary Services > Preferred Audio Device: Speaker

Make sure that all LAN devices allow unimpeded multicast traffic.

A good way to determine if multicast is flowing properly is to power-cycle the SPA9000.

Carefully watch every phone to make sure that they reboot within 30 seconds of the SPA9000 powering up.

If every phone does not reboot, you have LAN multicast issues that must be corrected before moving forward.




Community Member

Re: Paging does not work (pagegroup call)

Hi Patrick,

I did everything as stated in your mail.

I checked it manually (everything OK).

The first group page worked fine (little tone and all phones were on speaker).

The second and subsequent tries the grouppage just did not work anymore... (tried within a minute)

So configuration of multicast and speaker option must be fine.

There is no other traffic on the switch (all phones are on the same switch).

Broadcast/multicast filtering is switched off at the switch (Nortel BES50).

After reseting the SPA9000 every phone resets within 5 to 10 seconds (so no multicast problems) and I can do a new succesfull page (this time even two). After the second page it ended again.

Any suggestions?



Community Member

Re: Paging does not work (pagegroup call)

Solved. Your multicast remarks triggered me, I checked the router for more multicast related settings and found that the router also had multicast flood control which kicked in and killed the multicast. Resetting the phones via multicast didn't generate enough data to trigger the floodcontrol. The actual paging did trigger the floodcontrol.

I switched the floodcontrol of and everything works like a charm.



Cisco Employee

Re: Paging does not work (pagegroup call)

Great work Gwan!

Excellent troubleshooting work.

Thanks for letting me know that the issue is solved.




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