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Paging on UC560

I know that theres a discussion regarding this exect topic, but I wanted to readdress the matter if possible.

I have a UC560 and would like to do paging over the external horns and the phones. I have the horns wired up to a Valcom VIP-801 unit. I setup the paging DN for the phones. Works great over the phones.

Put in the multicast address on the paging dn and then change the listen multicast address on the Valcom unit. Nothing on the valcom. In fact, I didn a packet capture and dont see any multicast packets coming from the CME address.


If I change the paging ephone-dn to read...

ephone-dn 40

number 892

feed ip port 2000

...the Valcom unit picks right up. Now of course this isnt a page but its headway. Further when I use this command I see multicast packets coming from the CME to the address with the correct port!

Why dont I see that with the page? Do I need to change a telephony settings to make paging go over multicast or something? I feel like this should be so simple!

Thanks for any assistance!

Jason Ryan

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Re: Paging on UC560

If you can prove that configuring "multicast paging" has no effect, that is, paging remains unicast, that would be a valid bug to be worked by Cisco TAC.

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Re: Paging on UC560

I didn't see any multicast packets on the packet trace during paging.

When I create a new ephone-dn for paging and give it a multicast IP address and number and then call that number, it should just ring unless something is listening on that ip or an ephone is assigned that page-dn correct?

Basically what I see is that if I call a new dn associated with no phones or devices and call it, it rings and then connects. It should just keep ringing right?

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Re: Paging on UC560

I've never experimented with multicast paging. but I think that the correct behavior, irrespective of unicast of multicast mode, is paging to begin immediately, no matter if phones are "listening" on not. That is because paging is supposed to be a "barge-in" action that requires no confirmation or answer form the receiving parties.

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