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PBX Standalone/Appliance mode


Can I ask if the UC320 will have an appliance mode in the next feature release? In some cases it would be great if we could install the UC320 without using the integrated WAN port. I.e. using the customers existing Router or Firewall equipment as the UC320's D/G using a default route via the LAN. I know the UC320 currently has a greyfield deployment model but it's rather over complicated and prone to cabling issues in my opinion.

Also, Is there some kind of cable/bracket assembly we can buy to mount the UC's WiFi antennas outside of a 19" cabinet? Something on a magnetic stand with coaxial cables would be ideal. We have a few customers where this would be useful as the UC320 is located in a metal cab. I see the antennas are already detachable so I guess we could make something up but I dont think you can change the UC's WiFi power to compensate for the extra coaxial cable?

Any input would be greatly received.

Thanks a lot


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