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Perserving Internal Caller ID

Hi all,

I have a rather strange setup on a UC320 for a client. They are a logistics firm giving several overseas companies a precense in the US. The most important thing for them is to know what company is being called so that they can answer the phone accordingly. They refuse to us the auto attendant. They also want to monitor the in bound calls on a side car for the receptionist.

The way I have things currently setup is that the DID for a company is pointed to a shared extension.

The shared extension includes the receptionist and another user. This is the only way I could figure out to put a BLF on the sidecar for the receptionist. You cannot put a BLF for your own extension on the side car, so the receptionist's BLF is actually monitoring the other user for that line.

From there if the receptionist does not answer after 15 secs its hits a hunt group with everyone one include. I lose what company is being called at this point, but they are more concern with getting the phone answered at that point.

After 15 more seconds, it will go to the voicemail for the company.

The issue that I have run into is that I'm just about out of lines i can put on the receptionist's phone. Every shared extension is taking up 1 of the 12 lines her phone supports.

There has got to be a better way to do this.

I have tried not adding the receptionist to the shared extension and just setting up the BLF for her, but if she isn't part of the extension her phone won't ring. So if she doesn't notice the light flashing she doesn't know to answer it.

I have also tried setting a ghost phone that isn't really there and have it forward to the receptionist, but that keeps the inbound caller id, so she can see who is calling but not what company she was calling.

I think what would work best for them is if someway calls could be fowarded from a ghost phone to the receptionist and somehow she can still see what company was being called. Or if extensions could be moved from the phone to the sidecars, cisco says this can't be done.


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