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Porting dialing rule from one Region to another


I'm new here and it was suggested from Cisco Tech support that I start a discussion in the hopes that I might find some sort of solution to my issue.

I just purchased a UC320W for the sole purpose of testing analog faxing via VOIP.

Going through the set up utility, was able update to firmware 2.1.1 (7) and able to configure a merged system with the United States Region (10 digit) dialing rule.

The UC320w is connected through FXO to a PBX system which requires the 9 for an outside line.

When dialing, I need to enter the digit for an outside line for the UC320w then a 9 then a 1 followed by the 9 digit phone number.

The 10 digit setting on the UC320w does not allow the end 2 digits to pass through the UC320w.

So, in an attempt to save the test, I found a dialing rule in another region that seems like it would fit the number of digits needed.

I set the region to Portugal, and checked validated the number of digits by going into the Telephoney section and then internal dialing and setting 8 to outside line.  What I get is 8xx-xxx-xxx-xxx, this is the correct number of digits I need to dial out to the outside through our PBX system.

The problem: it does not work.  Looking at the log for outside access, only 7 digits are being used not all of the digit spaces are being used.

Now, I'm not an international traveler and I'm not really sure what the 2 digits in the prefix are for, so I might be using them wrong.

So my question, is it possible to take the dialing rule for portugal and port it into the US.  I'm a bit of a programmer, more of a data sifter, if I can get the two region packs in file form, perhaps I might be able to port them myself.

Thanks to all for any help they can provide.


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Porting dialing rule from one Region to another

Hi Paul,

Please be advised that there are dangers in what you are trying to do.  For example, suppose you find a dialplan that meets your basic needs, but then someone needs to dial emergency services in an emergency.  Emergency services has different numbers depending upon what country you are located.

We have a feature on the roadmap to allow sending a steering digit to a FXO.  We are also investigating the possibility of trying to pull the implementaion of that feature forward. 



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Porting dialing rule from one Region to another

Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying.  I guess the entire make up of using a dialing rule outside your actual regaion does not work anyway.

What I want to try next is to build my own region pack.  I would like to try to use the standard 10 digit regaion pack and modify it to include the 12 digit dial plan I need to reach the real world.  I do understand that I might require an SDK but also need a file that can be modified.  I'm looking for that now, hoping that one actually exists.

Here's hoping!

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Re: Porting dialing rule from one Region to another

Yeah. I am in a need of my country's region pack too because if I use others it just causes me trouble of not being able to call to other country and plus there's no chance I can use my country dial code digits in front of the number because it's also too long...

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