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Power Injector - SPA500 Series

Hi All,

I was told their is currently no Cisco PoE injector available for the SPA500 series this true?

If so, has anyone had any experience with a third-party power injector?

Our scenario is where we need to power two SPA500 phones from a non-PoE switch.

Cisco Employee

Re: Power Injector - SPA500 Series

Dear sir;

Please use the PA100 power adaptor for the SPA500 phones if your switch is not POE. You can purchase it from same partner you got the phones. It is not a power injector but power adaptor.


Community Member

Re: Power Injector - SPA500 Series

I'm guessing given the nature of the question, the person wants to use PoE rather than a power brick...

I've heard good things about powerdsine power injectors. SPA series seems to use standard PoE so chances are, anything is likely to work. There is a PDF floating around with power consumption - they are low enough to work with anything though.


Community Member

Re: Power Injector - SPA500 Series

You are able to use either the power adapter specifically made for the phone or a PoE Injector. I would be inclined to use the PoE Injector becuase you can use w/ any PoE device and not a specific phone model. You can also pick up a PoE Injector at one of the big box computer stores(in use Fry's or Micro Center).

Any PoE injector should work due to PoE being a standard and I have personally used the PoE Injector on the SPA504G and SPA525G phones when a PoE switch failed, so they are great to have handy.

Steve Wofford

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