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Presence Feauture Enhancement

Hello Cisco!

The presence enabled directories for the Call Manager and CME are pretty awesome features and I would like to propose the following feature enhancement.  I think it would make sense to add the presence information (simply on hook, off hook, the same thing we see in the directories) to the screen of the phone during ring out.  If it already exists in the corporate/local directory, why not use more of that beautiful IP phone big screen and display it there?  Attached is a screen shot of one way it could look.  We replace many systems that have that feature and customers are generally bummed that it no longer exists.  A lot of them don't want to go digging through directories to see if someone is on or off the phone.  It would be so much easier if they could just see it on the screen when they try calling them.  And match that up with the callback soft key and oh man would we have a killer feature!  If you guys agree let's whoop it up!




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