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PRI Testing

We are adding a PRI to a customer's UC520.  We are doing a test today on the PRI.  We only want one extension to dial out of the PRI for our test.  The rest of the extensions should go out the FXO ports as normal.

What is the easist way to configure this?

I have configured systems to dial out 2 different trunk groups by using cor lists but that is a lot of extra configuration for a quick test.

Thanks for any help.


Re: PRI Testing

Just curious, what is the actual business requirement for this?  I mean if a SB will buy a PRI, why would they limit access to it?  (I am sure there is a good answer, I just would like to understand it).

We can do Least Cost routing in the CCA Outgoing Dial plan table.  You can have an access code for PSTN and prefer PRI over FXO for example.

Perhaps you can introduce a second access code which works the other way around?  Being careful for code ambiguity.


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Re: PRI Testing

It is just for a test today.  Thursday is the actual install date.  We do not want all traffic to go over the PRI during the test.

Re: PRI Testing

Ahhh, then set the dial 9 access code to prefer PRI, then FXO, and unplug the PRI.

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