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Prior to buying a BE6000

Hi, I wanted to get some infor before I spend cash on a BE6000. Is there anything else I need besides the following to implament the BE 6000.

Sip trunck, POE Switches, IP Phones, BE6000?

Also I have FIOS running which is what I wanted to run the be6k on, Would it be better to get a seperate FIOS line for the b6k?                  

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Prior to buying a BE6000


Your device is not supported by the Small Business  Support Center. To get an answer to your post please post in the  appropriate section (see below).

Also, you have a duplicate post, please be careful to  limit similar issues / questions to one post to more accurately get  answers to your questions.

You will most likely have better luck posting under Collaboration, Voice and Video > Unified Communications Applications

Hope this helps you get an answer!


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Prior to buying a BE6000

Duplicate posts. 

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