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Privisioning File Corrupt

I have successfully gotten 1 SPA504G to provision so I know my process is correct.

The problem is I went into the trixbox and copied the file to the second phone mac spaMAC.xml and changed the extension information. I used VI to do this through SSH CLI.

I boot up that phone and the provisioning status said failed corrupt file.

I have made sure to close the file in vi before booting up the phone in case that cases an issue.

Can anyone help with this or has experience in doing this? What tools are you using to clone the file over?


Matt Enderle

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Privisioning File Corrupt

Compare the working and non-working file to found ALL differences. Analyse them (there sohould be few differences only, it's easiest to analyze them than large complete file).


Start with unmodified copy of working file then do, step by step, as-small-as-possible modifications within it (e.g. don't change values for two tags in one step). You should discover the exact change that make the file broken


Divide and conqueror method. Start with broken file. Remove bottom half of all tags. If file remain broken, then the problem is in upper half of tags. Repeat the process. If the file become valid, then problem has been in a tag in bottom half. Restart the analysis process, but start with bottom half of tags.

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Privisioning File Corrupt

I had similar issues before.

Starting working on the configuration file like it is provided by the SPC tool. When I upload the file into the provisioning server, it introduced some characters in the beginning of it.

It seems that the file output from the SPC comes as UTF-8 format. I edit this on Notepad++, but make sure to transform it into ANSI.

(Encoding -> Encoding in ANSI)

Anyway, check your file in a Text Editor which is XML aware, so that it can spot any error on the format as well.


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