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Problems combining BE6K starter bundle with migration SKUs

Why is it no longer possible to combine the starter bundle with migration SKUs in CCW (Cisco Commerce Workspace) configuration tool?

Since the top-level part code R-CBE6K-K9 was updated to include the version 10.x options, it has not been possible to select the 25-user starter bundle BE6K-START-UWL25 and the migration SKU BE6K-UWL-CMAPP2SBE (used to migrate licences from existing CME/UCM installations).

I have several valid configs from prior to the 10.x changes, so I know this used to be possible.

There is a partner powerpoint here which includes an example of the starter bundle and migration SKUs being used in combination.

Can someone take a look at this please, because there is no obvious way to get to the BE6K-UWL-CMAPPS2SBE part number other than by using R-CBE6K-K9 as the top level SKU.

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