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Problems with IP-Phone wireless connection

Dear Support Community,

I have problems with the wlan conectivity of IP phones.

I use several Cisco SPA525G2 IP phones which I like to connect to a cluster of two Cisco AP541N-E-K9 access points (with the latest firmware 2.0(2)).

The athentication method is WPA2 (with AES) and 802.1x (with PEAP/MS-CHAPv2).

The connecting process fails in the first phase, when the IP phones try to reach the AP.

But somethimes the phone successfully connects to the AP and then gets an IP address after I reboot them. But it seems to work randomly just in some cases.

This is the case with any of the tested IP phones.

I tried it with a different SSID and WPA instead of WPA2 and TKIP instead of AES. I also tried a PSK instead of 802.1x.

The phones still don't connect but any laptop does.

I also tried to deactivate the second AP and only use just one. And I tried auto channel management and fixed channels.

I really can't explain this phenomenon.

I hope you can help me and give me some tips.


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