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Problems with SPA525G


I'm having some difficulty getting a new SPA525G to come up on the UC520.

Here is what is going on:

1. I plug the phone into a port (thats setup for voice & tested with a 7940)

2. Phone Powers up

3. Phone does not auto register

4. Further examination reveals that Phone does not pull an IP address, yet DHCP is turned on (both phone & UC520).

IOS on the UC520 is

Any thoughs?


Mark Benke

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with SPA525G

Hi Mark,

The phone should perform a DHCP DISCOVERY and receive a dynamic IP address from the UC520.

Was the UC520 hand-configured or did you use CCA?

Has the SPA525G been previously used in a SIP environment? If so, factory reset it to enable it to work in a UC5xx environment:
     Setup > 8 [Administration] > 5 [Factory Reset]




Community Member

Re: Problems with SPA525G

My phone locks up on a screen that shows the phone -> cloud. Then reboots. Is there any fix to this? Manual factory reset.

Re: Problems with SPA525G

What firmware version are you running?  Is this running in SPCP mode or SIP?  Is there a DHCP server on the network?

Community Member

Re: Problems with SPA525G

connecting it to a UC520. Have a 7960 connected to the UC520 on the same network that gets DHCP and makes phone calls. It is running 7.2.5 and using SIP. Is there way to do a hard reset on the phone like holding down the pound key on a 7900 series phone?

Re: Problems with SPA525G

I don't believe there is a reset similar to the 7960.  Can you try changing the mode to SPCP?  What version of IOS are you running?  Can you post your config as well, be sure to remove passwords from the config.

Community Member

Re: Problems with SPA525G

I can't do anything on the SPA525. It locks up and then reboots constantly. Are you suggesting to make changes on the UC520?

Re: Problems with SPA525G

Do you have a power brick that works on the SPA525 or a POE switch that isn't plugged in to anything?  I would like to make sure that the SPA isn't trying to upgrade or having other issues and rebooting because of something on the network.

Can you post your IOS image and the config as well?

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