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provisioning alpha-dialing, call-filtering, and auto-dialing

Hey everyone,

I am currently working on some XML auto-provisioning templates for a range of cisco spa phones (300 and 500 series). All of the settings described below are available on the other non-cisco VoIP phones I have worked with.


1. I was wondering if there was a setting I could add to the XML provisioning templates to disable entering alpha characters when dialing a number, so that only numeric input is allowed (and preceeding asterisks for functions).


2. Another setting I am looking to push to the phones is to only accept calls from the SIP server or proxy. So that the phones only accept calls from the trusted source, but ignore direct IP calls from other phones for example.


3. The final setting I want to add is some sort of combination of dial plan + short and long timeout settings (or if theres some other way to do it without these) so that the phones will never auto-dial, and will dial any numeric input (with optional preceeding asterisks) when the dial button is pressed/the receiver is picked up.


If anyone has any suggestions or answers it would be greatly appreciated.




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for anyone who's interested,

for anyone who's interested, I have disabled alpha dialing on our phones by removing the alpha key from the programmable softkeys in the dial and off hook states, (you have to remove the option key for the SPA 525)


if you want to get the XML for this for a provisioning template, just go to http://{PHONE_IP}/admin/spacfg.xml, find the line that says 'Programmable_Softkey_Enable', add it to your template and set it to 'yes'. Then add the lines for 'Off_Hook_Key_List' and 'Dialing_Input_Key_List' and remove the 'alpha' key from the lists ('option' key for the 525).

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Even if you will remove

  1. Even if you will remove "alpha" PSK from dialing screen, you should modify the Dial-Plan to disable non-numeric dials at the first. Well, not the the first but at the second. At the first, you need to configure your Asterisk to reject such kind of "numbers". You should not trust end-device's configuration on your PBX.
  2. Did you read the Administrator Guide ? You should do it. Look for "Make calls without registration" and "Ans call without registration". But note that with UDP the intruder may send INVITE with fake source IP of your proxy. You need to take appropriate countermeasures. Don't forget the intruder may be located even within your local network, so border firewall configuration will not solve the issue in full.
  3. Just write the Dial Plan according your needs. Read "Configuring Dial Plans" of Administrators Guide. Ask when in doubt. As far as I know, it's not possible to disable dial timeout. It may be set to 64 seconds instead.
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Thanks for the response Dan.1

Thanks for the response Dan.

1. I have taken these points into consideration.

2. Yeah I've read the guide. Those settings aren't quite what I'm looking for, I'm looking for a setting that will cause the phone to ignore messages (particularly INVITE messages) from sources other than the registered SIP server. I know with other VoIP phones I have to explicitly set this option, I'm not sure if the SPA's automatically behave like this or not.

3. I have my dialplan configured how I need it, I would just like to always disable auto-dialing, if that isn't possible I will just have to make do.


Thanks again

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My English skills are limited

My English skills are limited only. I see no substantial difference between "INVITE is not allowed" and "INVITE is ignored". It sound to me the settings I recommended to you fulfill your needs. Either I didn't understood the feature you are looking for, or you missed the meaning of settings I mentioned.

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